Saturday, January 14, 2012


i couldn't even being to tell you how many people i know that are preparing for a little one! i know a nursery/kids room is not the 1st thing we think about when moving into a new space, but you never know. one thing i do know is that so much about pregnancy is scary, unknown and with so many uncontrollable & unpredictable things that happening .... but there has to be something us mothers can control & have some fun with. one of my favorite, yet somehow most stressful things, was designing my son's nursery; crib, bedding, shelving/storage, all of the cute baby accessories,etc.

there are so many options for what can be done, but i knew that i wanted something completely different from what anyone else had/has/or will have! i know everyone has a different idea of what a nursery should be, but i knew what i didn't want; a matchy-matchy, adorable babied theme explosion!! i wanted something modern, fun, bold, transitional, kid-friendly...... i went to Precious Cargo in Smyrna to just get some ideas for what i wanted to do.... and as a complete surprise David purchased everything that i designed. (*smile*) is the company that i chose to custom design my son's crib bedding, mostly because of its bright colors, fun patterns, well-made fabrics, and hand-sown products. the issue, however, with custom anything is the price. and like anything else, you get what you pay for.

so for all the mommies out there that would like some custom-made, diy designed baby bedding that won't break the bank.... then here's a truly adorable, not-so typical bedding site Carousel designs is a great website that has some fun patterns & allows you to do just about anything while being able to envision your design with the crib, the paint color, and even your flooring. it's a great way to play around and get some ideas before fully committing to a style, color, pattern, or theme. this is a great way to get something fun & unique. and if for some reason you still need help, you can always call me!!