Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Let's talk about Target! What's not to love about Target? It may just be one of my favorite places to shop and let's not mention convenient - my Target is literally 5 minutes from my home .... which is very dangerous!!! Everyone has the classic "I went in to just get 3 things" story .... then 2 hours and $150 later; you have new throw pillows, some great sheets, more nail polish then you know what do with, and of course, some inexpensive, yet adorable duds.
A great perk to Target is that you can get current fashion trends and accessories at a great price. I (literally) just got back from wandering the clothes section at my Target and knew I just had to post just a few of the clothes and accessories I found. 
As a mommy of two getting out the door in something other than yoga leggings and a baseball cap can be tricky. So below are a few fall basics that could be paired with just about anything! 
Anyone who knows me knows how much a love a basic white tee. You can do so much with them! Dress it up, wear it casual, workout in it, or sleep in it... why not? My point is, these items are great multi-use staples for the fall!! Add a great riding or ankle boot to the look and presto! instant, easy fall look! 

What is your favorite "must-have" Target find? 


Monday, October 14, 2013


I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. We are all fighting off a cold right now! Sick mommy, sick newborn, & a sick 2 year old is no fun!

Isn't it interesting how in the last 10 years or so there has been a large push for "natural." Going green, recycling, etc. There seems to be a natural remedy for just about everything. Natural is in. A few years ago it was a response to have "fake" and "plastic" everything and everyone use to be, but now it's because it's what's truly best for us. I've never been a fan of medication, so fighting off colds can be tricky. Lots of vitamins, soup, orange juice, warm baths, etc. usually is how I handle a cold. Of course, on occasion, I have to breakdown and take an antibiotic (which doesn't make me happy). Now that I have kids I definitely want to continue giving/taking the least amount of medications as possible and try the more holistic approach.

What are some natural/holistic remedies and approaches you use to get well?