I'm Kelsey, a hardworking and busy twenty-something. I live in Atlanta with my best friend/partner-in-crime/fiance, David and our two beautiful children, Dean and Isla.

When we're not working and juggling schedules we enjoy traveling, discovering new things in our city, music/concerts, being active, and relaxing.

I've always taken an interest in design and the need to fix/create things. I love challenging myself and enhancing my surroundings. There's something magical in seeing the transformations in people, spaces, relationships, etc.

In my spare time I enjoy finding unique pieces, shopping for a bargain, and diy-ing. There's just something satisfying about saving some money and enhancing or creating something on your own.

With that being said, this is exactly what this blog is about and i can't wait to get started! Please join me as I document our life and "discuss" some of things I enjoy!